Consultancy Services

STARCO Hellas Ltd. is acting either as an Agent or as a Consultant, providing specialized engineering and program management services to International Firms interested in developing business in the Defense & Security and/or the Environmental Protection sectors.

Consulting Services Provided:

  • Local Market Analysis: Identification of opportunities & threats, of potential projects and follow up on competitors’ activities.
  • Strategic Action Plan: Establishment of strategic business plans in co-operation with the represented Companies.
  • Product Marketing: Promotion via presentations, articles redaction and publications in selective magazines, websites and newspapers.
  • Feasibility, Technical and Financial Studies.
  • Legislation Analysis: Provision of administrative and legal information with respect to the applied legislation and help in understanding and clarifying the relative provisions.
  • Participation in Tenders: Direct participation or assistance in preparing offers for the response to customers RFP.
  • Product Distribution and Follow up Support: Acting as liaison and/or dealer between the represented company and the customer in the territory by applying service contracts.
  • Assistance in Realizing of the Greek Added Value: Helping in finding and choosing of the reliable partners to be used for the realization of the local content in Defense Projects.
  • Realization of Offsets Benefits Programs: Helping in choosing feasible programs and in the realization of them in case a program is awarded

STARCO Hellas Ltd has the capacity and the expertise to provide direct solutions in the realization of projects and in the fulfillment of the coproduction and offset benefits programs obligations as well as in contributing in an efficient management of such projects.

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